As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed something about myself: I like what I like, and I hate what I don’t. Even if something’s the most popular thing in the world, if I don’t like it, no one will ever convince me. I’ve never been able to hop on a bandwagon, even if it meant being on the outside of things.

That said, I am attempting avoid studying for my finals and thus have compiled this (incomplete) list of things that I hate, that other (normal) people love.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas Story
I know, I know. I’m not a real American. Actually, I’m probably not even human. Whatever. I can’t stand movie. It’s boring, has no real plot, and the music is literally some of the most obnoxious I’ve ever heard. Plus, Linus’ lisp. *shudder*

2. Hillsong United
Again, I know. I’m not a real Christian. I just can’t take it. There are a few song I enjoy, but I’ve never like live albums, and I prefer hymns over any other kind of worship music. Srsly.

3. Puppy ChowTwo words: Powdered sugar. Bleeech. The thought it makes me a little sick. Just, no.

4. Chik-Fil-ARemember when everyone was boycotting Chik-Fil-A this summer? Well, I had a leg-up on them because I haven’t had a bite of Chik-Fil-A since 8th grade. You see, when I was in grade school, we had terrible food. But, once a week, the cafeteria ladies would order Chik-Fil-A, and man, that was the stuff. But my mom always packed my lunch. One day, I think I begged enough, because she gave me money to buy Chik-Fil-A. I was so excited. I swear I could feel triumph rising from the foil wrapper (that, or steam.) My hand shook as I peeled back the wrapper to take a bite. One bite and…I gagged. Seriously, so gross. I don’t know what people see in them. Gushy, weird spices, all on bad chicken. Ew. I’ll pass.

5. Movies, in general
This is where the crazy comes in. I’m totally serious, I don’t really like movies. In general, I find them too long and they don’t typically capture my attention enough to make it worth it. Past about 30 minutes and I need to do something new. 90 minutes??? I can’t sit for that long! There are a few notable exceptions, including almost any documentary, and Baby Mama, but that’s about it.

I could go on, there’s lots more (Roller Coasters, ranch dressing, Chips Ahoy cookies…) but that might take all day.

Cue outrage.